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PostgreSQL Monitoring Tool - PostgreSQL Performance Monitoring 24x7.

AppDynamics is a comprehensive 24x7 deep-dive monitoring tool used to monitor versions 8 and 9 of PostgreSQL. It is designed to be simple to deploy with very low overhead, so it is ideally suited to busy production sites or testing environments

Core Features of AppDynamics for PostgreSQL:

  • Monitor all your PostgreSQL servers throughout the enterprise
  • Find and fix performance bottlenecks whenever they occur
  • Analyze performance trends over time
  • Set customized alerts and notifications
  • Quick and easy to deploy - No agents or database objects required on monitored DB2 servers

Key Benefits of AppDynamics for PostgreSQL Monitoring

  • Free up that would otherwise be wasted in trying to find and fix performance problems
  • Avoid hardware upgrades: Use AppDynamics to proactively tune your PostgreSQL servers and offset the need for costly hardware upgrades
  • Dramatically reduce the time to fix problems: By using AppDynamics you and your team can cut wasted hours of effort in getting to the root cause of a costly performance problem
  • Proactively tune internal applications: Improve employee efficiency by making your internal apps go faster
  • Proactively tune customer facing applications: Restore customer confidence in your company and brand by making your external apps faster
  • Use throughout the development lifecycle: Reduce the risk of introducing performance issues with new code releases by using AppDynamics across the development lifecycle

The screenshots below show the major workspaces within the product.


Historical PostgreSQL Performance

The AppDynamics Activity View is the main view in AppDynamics where historical activity and performance information are displayed, including:

  • Time series activity graphs showing PostgreSQL resource consumption versus number of completed database queries
  • Completely configurable views, from last 5 minutes to last 30 days
  • Breakdown of activity by active or waiting (e.g. locked)
  • Correlated drilldown by server, SQL, grouped SQL, user, session, and database

PostgreSQL Performance Statistics

  • Report and analyze activity by transaction
  • Report cache hit rate per database
  • View tuple access type over time
  • View and report on standby conflicts (version 9.0 and later)

SQL Drilldown

Once poor-performing SQL has been identified by AppDynamics, you DBA can drill into the SQL View to display details of the statement and execution plan:

  • One click statement analysis shows the SQL execution plan to quickly see if it has the optimum access path
  • View the performance of the SQL historically
  • Display wait states correlated with SQL

PostgreSQL Objects View

The AppDynamics Objects View displays current PostgreSQL configuration parameters and properties, as well as information related to database objects:

  • One-click view to check or cross-reference database config values
  • Quickly view all information for a specific object (also displayed in correlation with a SQL execution plan)
  • Display historical config changes to your PostgreSQL instance

Comprehensive Performance Reports

AppDynamics has many powerful historical reports, including:

  • Time Series Comparison: Compare two periods of time and immediately quantify the difference in performance between them. Ideal for comparing separate load tests, or for investigating problematic time periods in production.
  • Top N SQL report: Powerful visualizations to report on your top SQL statements over time

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